Eternal Climb: Avignon’s Labyrinth


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“Eternal Climb: Avignon’s Labyrinth”

Product Description:

“Eternal Climb: Avignon’s Labyrinth” is a visual symphony that speaks to the soul’s journey through the spirals of time and history. Within the weathered stones and the graceful curves of this Avignon staircase lies a story of enduring beauty, now reimagined through a dance of light and geometry.

Captured initially as a solitary climb, the image has been transformed into a mesmerizing pattern that defies the boundaries of the ordinary. Just as the river’s edge is a canvas reflecting existence, this staircase becomes a labyrinth, an endless path that invites wonder and contemplation.

Artistic Process:
With my iPhone as my brush and the world as my palette, I walked the ancient paths of Avignon, drawn to the silent tales etched in stone. The resulting photograph, a testament to these silent stories, has been delicately doubled and flipped, akin to the movements of a kaleidoscope, to reveal the stairway’s hidden danceā€”a celebration of the eternal and the ephemeral.


  • Dimensions: Print on 24″ x 20″ stock, 20″ x 18″ image
    Creation Date: January 7, 2024
    Edition: Limited to 15 prints at this size, eight at 40″ x 36″, and one exclusive print at 80″ x 72″. Please ask for prices for larger prints.
    Printer: Masterfully printed by The Image Foundry, ensuring museum-quality reproduction
    Shipping: Each print is meticulously rolled in a protective tube for delivery, awaiting your custom framing
    In this limited edition series, the art of the “Eternal Climb: Avignon’s Labyrinth” is not simply to be viewed but to be experienced. It is an invitation to traverse the spirals of creativity and to find oneself within the intertwining paths of light and shadow, history and vision.

May this piece not only adorn your space but also serve as a gateway to the whispers of the ordinary, transformed into the extraordinary through the lens and heart of a pilgrim of beauty.