Abstract 2024

Venture into the realm of the abstract, where the everyday is reimagined and the recognizable is redefined. This collection is a testament to transformation, a series where I take the ordinary and, through a meticulous process of repetition, flipping, and inverting, transcend it to the extraordinary.

Within these works, you’ll find a delicate balance between the familiar and the surreal. The process may start with a simple image—like the ‘Little Man’—but as it is echoed across the canvas, it evolves, its identity cloaked in complexity until it becomes a mere whisper of its origin. Yet, for those who take the time to delve deeper, to look beyond the first impression, the essence of the original image remains, a subtle secret hidden in plain sight.

This collection challenges perception and invites curiosity. It’s an exploration of how far we can stretch the bounds of imagery before it slips into the abstract, yet still retains a tether to its roots. I encourage you to lean in, to examine closely, and engage with the layers of meaning within each piece.

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