Whispers of the Ordinary:
A Journey Through Captured Moments"

Artist Statement:
On walks in the realm of the ordinary, there lies hidden magic—a puddle’s twilight reflection, forgotten remnants on a sidewalk, a solitary lost glove, light’s whimsical dance on unexpected surfaces. Through the lens of my iPhone and the alchemy of digital tools and editing apps, I unveil an unseen world—a parallel universe of unintentional creation, accidental beauty, and striking imagery. This exhibition, an ode to my 65 turns around the Sun, invites you to witness the magic I see on my walks.

Andrew Zimbel, May 7, 2023

Would you join me as I share this exhibit, a gift I have given to myself for my 65th birthday? 

With my photographs, I hope to uncover the extraordinary beauty that often hides within the folds of the ordinary. Through my lens, I capture fleeting moments and weave them into visual poetry that invites us to pause, listen, and appreciate the whispers of life’s everyday wonders.

Opening Reception:
Date: Wednesday, May 17th, 2023
Time: 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Location: The 918 Bathurst Centre for Culture, Arts, Media and Education –


For those who can’t make it, click here to see the show gallery  Or message me for a virtual tour.

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